UFA™ Coronavirus Charities fundraiser

In March of 2020, a donation was made to the Utah Filmmakers™ Association for the express purpose of being dispersed to other non profit organizations and charities whose services to the community are addressing the novel Coronavirus Pandemic.

The UFA™ Coronavirus Charities fundraiser was organized and the aforementioned donation was pledged as matching funds with the hope that contributions would at least double the amount that was pledged…

There was one donation of $20.*

What can we say, this is a tough time to run a fundraiser. :-)

Including the initial matching funds, we raised a total of $1020 which has been disbursed equally in donations to the following organizations that are working directly and indirectly to address the socioeconomic effects of the ongoing pandemic:

The Actors Fund


Ty Burrell Downtown Food Service Workers Fund

Utah Department of Heritage and Arts (UServeUtah COVID-19 Donations)

Community Action Partnership of Utah

Crossroads Urban Center

Huntsman Cancer Center


Silicon Slopes

United Way of Salt Lake

*In order to insure that all contributions were disbursed equally, each organization received $102—10% of all proceeds raised) and processing fees totalling $21.26 were covered by the UFA

In the interest of complete transparency, an accounting of all disbursements to the organizations listed above is available to the public in this PDF document.

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